Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gaming in the Classroom:

For this blog entry, I am researching the Web 2.0 tool, “Game Classroom is a one-stop web destination for accessing high-quality educational games, and homework help for K-6 students” (

I have taught music at the elementary school level for 10 years as of this post. Because my initial undergraduate major was electric engineering, I have always stressed the importance of learning core subjects to my students. There would be many times where I would integrate my music curriculum with the subject material being taught in the homerooms. So seemed like a resource I would like to research in order to share with the core subject teachers. is not directly collaborative as many other Web 2.0 tools, such as Flickr, Blogger, Wikia, etc. It is, however, very INTERACTIVE. Students who go to are not passive participants in their learning. Because the content is based on educational games, students are active participants in their learning. allows students to select from two main categories: Language Arts and Math (as of this posting there is not a section for Science. Each category is separate skills for each grade. And each skill has a specific topic. Suggested games in the can be found in each skill level. The games give instantaneous feedback to the student. Games for lower grades have excellent demonstrations and are designed for the beginner learner. Games for older students have visual instructions and are designed for the older learner. The game engines do not frustrate the learner, so he or she is able to focus on answering the questions by whatever means the games use. Interestingly enough, I found it rather insightful to practice my skills on games for all ages. I realized that my teaching skills would benefit from occasionally playing these games. I found it interesting to compare how I present content to how the games found on present content.

There is so much good content on (except for the lack of a science section) that this is a highly recommended Web 2.0 tool for all elementary school teachers.

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  1. Games - you got my attention right away. I love games and especially in the classroom. Your bright images relay the light that games can bring to the classroom. Kids love 'em - even adult kids like me. I am bookmarking this site and might be 'flying the coop' of graduate studies to explore more games. Thanks Michael.

    A fan of games galore,

  2. I too like games! I love this site even if it does not much for art classes, but I know I can use them for fillers when we have half days or when the other elementary teachers need me to help out with math or reading. I checked out the kindergarten level and I think it would a blast to share with the teachers and their student to play with them. I too book marked this site. Thank you Michael.

    Ti Play the game of life.

  3. Great post Michael. This is a great games site for all school age children. I like the site and have visited it recently. I introduced it to my Kindergarten class on Friday and they loved it. I will continue to use it with my class and will share it with the rest of the Kindergarten team. I like that the games touch on actual math and ELA objectives for the respective age groups. I like your posting and snapshots of the site. Great job Michael and thank you for sharing, Susan.

  4. Nicely done! I am not familiar with games. I do a great deal with cse scenarios, simulations, and so on. I think I will further investigate the application of games with my adult students, Th ks

  5. Thanks Michael,
    My teachers will love this site. I will definitely share with my teachers.

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