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Web 2.0 Tools: SocialBookmarking-Your personally library for the whole world to read.

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My del.icio.us username is http://delicious.com/m1mccurdy
Julie-Ann Amos’ article, “Top 10 social bookmarking tools for educators”, lists 10 tools that educators can use for social bookmarking. “Social bookmarking is a highly useful tool for educators since it allows specific categorization of websites for easy access and sharing.” (Amos, 2009). I found the idea of a bookmarking tool such as Scuttle “a specialized social bookmarking program that can be run right on a school’s server [where] data is held in the server and not through a third party site, giving schools maximum control over content” (Amos, 2009) would be a great asset for a teacher to propose to administrators who are concerned with Internet safety.

Brian Alexander’s article, “Web 2.0: A new wave of innovation for teaching and learning?” describes a number of Web 2.0 tools. His discussion of the social bookmarking tool “del.icio.us” highlights its implementation of tags. The social bookmarking innovator del.icio.us automatically reminds users of previously deployed tags, suggests some tags, and notes tags used by others” (Alexander, 2009). Tags are a great way of focusing specifically on those areas that you want to find. They save valuable time by keeping users from searching through unrelated sites.

Lorrie Jackson’s article, “Sites to see:
Social bookmarking”, shows a clear benefit to using a social bookmarking site over a browser with saved bookmarks. “Instead of individually saving the site in a variety of folders, you just type a few keywords called tags (Langston Hughes, alliteration, Black History, metaphor, rubric, and so on.), and your sites are organized automatically with sites saved by other users, using those same keywords” (Jackson, 2009).
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