Sunday, December 6, 2009

Web 2.0 tools: How Flickr can be used in YOUR classroom

Okay Science Teachers this is as an awesome lesson!
The creator of the lesson uses digital camera to take photos of cells and tissue samples as seen under a microscope.
The students are taught how to properly use a microscope.
The students are taught how digitally photograph the microscope samples.
Students then upload the photos to Flickr and tagged the photos with the appropriate descriptions.
Lastly, the students compare similar tissue samples for looking for photos with matching tags.
This lesson could be easily adapted for almost any subject area.
Physical Education - students upload photos of various callisthenic exercises (push-ups, pull-ups, etc). These photos are tagged with the targeted muscle groups for each exercise. Student would then have a resource to use when tested on which exercise develops a specific muscle group.

Music – Students upload photos of various instruments. The photos would be tagged according to instrument type (brass, woodwind, percussion, string), instrument range (bass, tenor, alto, soprano), uses in music genres (jazz, classical, rock, etc.), etc.

Art – Photos could be uploaded of various art techniques (tessellations, perspectives, etc.), tagged with those techniques, and used for comparison and contrast.

Math (Geometry/Trigonometry) - Students upload photos/jpeg graphics of formulas. Students upload photos of graphs. Students would tag both sets of photos with the name of the graph (parabola, hyperbola, etc.). Students would be able to develop an Online Flash card system.

English – Students upload photos/jpeg graphics of sentence types/writing errors (imperatives, declaratives, exclamatory, interrogatives, fragments, active voice, passive voice, double-negatives, proper/improper subject-verb agreement. Students tag photos/graphics with correct type of sentence/writing error, and compare similarities.

NOTE ON TAGGING: If you use double-quotation marks around two words, Flickr records it as one tag. Blue Moon = 2 tags: blue, moon, but “Blue Moon” = 1 tag: Blue Moon.
As a part-time photographer, I used to simply think of Flickr as a nice online sharing network for photographers, after this week’s reading and this Blog post, I am really beginning to see the versatility in so many Web 2.0 tools.

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